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Photography For Men, No More Selfies - Michael I.W.

If you have been paying attention to the news recently, you may have heard that the Oxford Dictionary declared “selfie” as the word of the year. That is a rather disturbing piece of news for those that value photography and how beautiful a well-taken photograph can make the subject look. Selfies are rarely very good, yet it is the method of “photography” that more and more people are using to show themselves off to the world. An even more alarming trend is that the selfie is now being used for profile pictures on social media sites, which includes the very professional LinkedIn.

If you really want to show yourself off in the best way possible, you need to go to a portrait photographer who knows all the tricks of the trade required to make that happen. If you are a male who lives in or around Los Angeles, you need to have a consultation with Chaz from Photography for Men. He is in the business of making sure that you get exactly what you need from your shoot, and is willing to do all that he can to make sure that you are happy.

Your San Francisco photography experience will begin with that initial consultation, which is always complimentary. This allows you to get to know the photographer, which is good for a couple of reasons. The first is that it allows him to assess exactly what it is you want out of your shoot, and it also allows you to become comfortable and get to know one another a little better. Posing for a stranger can be a little uncomfortable, which is why Photography for Men feel this consultation process is essential.

While the feeling is that photographs for men need to be professional head shots and nothing more, it really isn’t the case at all. Everyone wants to look their very best, which is why Photography for Men offers shoots for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps all you need is a professional looking shot for a business profile or Social media page, or maybe you want something fun, flirty, or even a little erotic. There is even the option for gay photography, where you and your partner can pose individually or as a couple in shots that are sure to show off your love for one another. Whatever it is you need, Photography For Men can provide it.

In order to make you as comfortable as possible, you get to choose the location of the shoot. It could be at the studio of the San Francisco photographer, in your own home, or at some other location that puts you the most at ease. Choosing Photgraphy For Men means selecting someone that is very much aware of the way guys think and the feelings of trepidation they may have when entering into a professional shoot of this kind. Working with Photography For Men will take away those concerns and will ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of the bad selfie.

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