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The most important thing to know about me is this...


I truly love helping men find the best of themselves

during a photo shoot.

I totally understand that very few people enjoy

having their picture taken.

The first thing the majority of my clients say is:

"I am not photogenic and I have never taken a decent picture"

That's why my main objective during a shoot is for the client to feel comfortable and at ease.

I take great pride in hearing from my clients how "painless" the whole process was for them.

That's  where my slogan began.

I kept hearing it from my clients...

"Chaz Makes It Easy"

So if you feel ill at ease or nervous...

Or if you are one of the few who loves having their picture taken. Just know that my only goal is for you to walk away with a great memory and of course, some fantastic photos.



P.S.  Even if you choose not to work with me, do me a favor...

Stop using that self-portrait you took with your smart phone.       You deserve better!!!

"Chaz Makes It Easy"

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